Irish Case Ready Certification

What Is Irish Case Ready Certification?

The Notre Dame MBA case certification is a newly launched program that helps prepare its club members for the case interview process that is common among consulting firms. Notre Dame is only one of a few top 30 MBA programs to offer this opportunity for its club members. Designed specifically for first-year MBA’s, all case certified members undergo a rigorous preparation process that begins immediately when students step on campus. Certified members must meet a set of certain requirements, including participation in the following: 

  • Passing grade in milestone mock interview days with certified second-year MBA’s 
  • Alumni live case simulations 
  • Case partner interviews 
  • Educational case curriculum

Who Benefits?

  • Members: Members who meet the Irish Case Ready requirements will be featured in the beginning of the consulting case resume book to all consulting club recruiters. Also, only Irish Case Ready members are allowed to participate in the case interview certification competition
  • Consulting Firms: As all members who participate in the case certification process will undergo an extensive preparation process, consulting firms should feel confident that Notre Dame students will be well prepared for the case interview portion of recruiting

Irish Case Ready Certification Schedule

Milestone 1: October

  • Mock interview with ND Second-Years. A 35-minute intermediate-level case question will be presented to first-year members. Feedback will be provided thereafter and documented to measure and track progess from milestone 1 to milestone 2.

Milestone 2: November

  • Mock interview conducted with ND Second-Years and/or consulting/industry alum. Emphasis placed on both behavioral questions and advanced-level case questions. The time frame for milestone 2 will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Case Interview Day: December

  • Current consultants will case interview candidates and grade all members as they would a round 1 candidate. A passing grade will result in a Irish Case Ready Certification