Case Competition Rules

The rules below apply to the 2020 Mendoza College of Business Women’s Finance Case Competition. All team members are expected to abide by these rules. By successful completion of a team application, all team members agree to these rules.

Pre-Competition Rules

  • Teams must be finalized and submitted through the online application form by Friday September 25th  at 5:00 PM EST.Teams will be notified of their application status on October 2nd.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Teams will comprise 3-4 women in an undergraduate business or MBA program. All students must attend the same university and be at the same collegiate level.
  • Team members may use any reference sources/materials in the public domain in conducting their research. Teams may seek help from anyone prior to the competition in order to prep for the case. However, once the case is distributed, teams may not receive any help or support from any faculty or industry professionals. Essentially, once the case is distributed, teams are on their own to solve the case and create their presentations.

Competition Rules

  • The case will be sent to the primary team email address by 12pm EST on Friday October 16th.
  • Case slides and the financial model are due via email by 5pm EST on Friday October 30th to Teams will receive an email confirmation receipt. SLides should be submitted in PDF or PowerPoint format, and the financial model should be in Excel format.
  • Each team will be assigned a team color to display on the title slide of their presentation and in the subject of their email submission. No school colors, mascot, logo, or any other school references should be included in the presentation materials. This includes PowerPoint slides, Excel model, posters, clothing, documents, or other cues. Teams should not communicate their school affiliation until the winners are announced via Zoom on Friday November 13th.


  • Each team will be judged by a group of representatives from the sponsoring companies or other industry firms.
  • The panel will be most interested in understanding how your team came to your case recommendations, the feasibility of implementing such recommendations, and your team’s ability to present and support your findings.
  • Because there will not be an opportunity for the judges to ask questions, we encourage you to create a detailed presentation and anticipate questions they may have.


  • Prizes will be awarded as a check made payable to each team member in equal amounts.
  • Professional behavior is expected. Each team is required to maintain the highest standards of integrity throughout the competition. Any violation of the above rules or breaches of integrity will subject a team to immediate disqualification.