2020 Net Impact Conference


























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Net Impact Conference is organized by the Net Impact organization on annual basis and is held
in different cities every year. The purpose of this conference is to bring together visionaries,
exchange ideas, plan for the future, and stand together in pushing for a positive change around
the world.

As part of the Net Impact network, Mendoza College of Business chapter has participated in the
conference year after year with great enthusiasm. Both Mendoza College and Net Impact are
aligned in their mission to create leaders of tomorrow that shape the world for the better.

Net Impact Conference is a great place to connect with leaders of both for-profit and not-for-
profit organizations, as well as students and faculty from peer schools. Networking at this
conference can lead to recruiting opportunities, connections with professionals from various
fields, and exposure to ideas and people that are determined to leave their mark on the world.
Notre Dame students may be eligible for funding to assist their participation in this conference.

Please direct your queries to Ahsan Mohar at amohar@nd.edu.