Club Information

Our Enduring Mission:  Ensure Mendoza remains a preeminent program for vets.


We strive to develop and further evolve our skill sets to enable us to be tremendous assets after our time at Mendoza.  Our engagement internally and externally revolves around our 3 strategic pillars.





One of the most unique attributes that makes the MBA Military Veterans Club a great fit for veterans and service members is the rich history the University of Notre Dame shares with the U.S. Armed Forces. As Club members, we feel a deep connection with the University and are grateful for the opportunity to grow the strong relationship that exists between Notre Dame and our military services.

Click here to read more about the special and consequential history of Notre Dame’s relationship with the U.S. Armed Forces that has fostered long-lasting and rich traditions.

Membership Criteria

Full membership in the MBA Military Veterans Club is open to any interested Notre Dame MBA student who has served or is still serving in the United States Military.

Associate membership is open to non-veteran Notre Dame MBA students, Notre Dame veteran students not enrolled in the MBA program, and Notre Dame faculty and administrators.


Club Structure:

President – Jack Gargan
Vice President – Aric Stahly
Chief Financial Officer – Tim Wyness
Chairman of Internal Relations – Leo Anderson
Chairman of External Relations – Joe Alemagno
Chairman of Veteran Engagement – Matt Greenwood                                              
Chairman of Community Outreach – Patrick Gleason
Chairman of Veteran Activities – Mike Grdina
Secretary – Raymond Kusch
*See Club Officers for bios and contact information