2020-2021 Leadership Team

Mlawrence Headshot



Molly Lawrence, President

Hometown: Clifton, VA
Undergrad Institution: St. Joseph's University
MBA Concentration: Strategy and Business Leadership

EWestbrook Headshot



Elena Westbrook, VP of Recruiting

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergrad Institution: Northwestern University
MBA Concentration: Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

SHohenberger Headshot



Sarah HohenbergerVP of Events

Hometown: Peachtree City, GA
Undergrad Institution: U. S. Coast Guard Academy
MBA/MBSA Concentration: Finance and Business Analytics

MKibbe Headshot



Meghan Kibbe, VP of Events

Hometown: South Bend, IN
Undergrad Institution: St. Mary's College
MBA Concentration: Marketing and Strategy
Anna Mariani 1


Emilia Lispi, VP of Finance & Fundraising

Hometown: Scranton, PA
Undergrad Institution: University of Miami
MBA Concentration: Corporate Finance

NBrunning Headshot



Nicole Brunning, VP of Communication

Hometown: Troy, MI
Undergrad Institution: Grand Valley State University
MBA Concentration: Strategy and Marketing