2018-2019 Leadership Team

Below are the 2018-2019 Women in Business Club Leaders. Officers are elected in Mod four of each year and hold a one-year term. Contact information for each officer is provided below. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the club, inquiries about future events, or if you would like more information on any particular role.


Haley Alexander

   Haley Alexander, President 

     Undergrad Institution: North Carolina State University 
     MBA Concentration: Marketing & Business Analytics 




Miller Faith

   Faith Miller, CFO

     Undergrad Institution: University of Southern California
     MBA Concentration: Corporate Finance




Acton Caroline


Caroline Acton, SVP of Communications

     Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia
    MBA Concentration: Marketing and Business Analytics




Sarah Chandler

   Sarah Chandler, SVP of Professional Events

     Undergrad Institution: University of Wisconsin-Platteville
     MBA Concentration: Marketing & Business Analytics




Stacia Baughman

   Stacia Baughman, SVP of Social Events

     Undergrad Institution: University of Arkansas
     Dual Degree MBA/MSBA & Marketing Concentration




Emily Clark

   Emily Clark, SVP of Recruiting

     Undergrad Institution: Bryant University
     MBA Concentration: Business Analytics & Finance




Audrey Kiefer

   Audrey Kiefer, SVP of Alumni Relations

     Undergrad Institution: Saint Mary's College
     MBA Concentration: Marketing & Leadership




Gina Guzzardo

   Gina Guzzardo, SVP of Social Media

     Undergrad Institution: Michigan State University
     MBA Concentration: Marketing & Business Analytics