Jaccoud Bernardo

President, ​​​​​​Bernardo Jaccoud 

Bernardo Jaccoud has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida. He began his career as a field engineer for energy companies. He took a year off, traveled and developed sensors. Prior to Notre Dame, he was as a Staff Engineer for an engineering consulting company. He’s excited about leveraging his sensor development experience with Mendoza’s quantitative curriculum into a career in IoT.  You can catch him at the gym, Mendoza, and playing sports.

“Analytics is changing the way we do business and I’m excited about serving our members and improving Mendoza’s reputation as a premiere destination for Analytics talent.”


Dulin Robert

Vice President, Robert Dulin(RJ)

Prior to to coming to Notre Dame for his MBA, RJ served 4 1/2 years in the Marine Corps Infantry, where he was an anti-tank missile man and later commissioned as a ground supply officer.  After leaving active duty RJ worked as a contractor for the United States Coast Guard providing logistics analysis and support for the Heavy Polar Ice Breaker Acquisition program. RJ’s knack for problem solving lead him to focus on predictive analytics where he is honing his ability to predict problems before they arise.  When he isn't taking courses RJ is a star wars superman, runner, reader, avid gamer, and college football enthusiast.

"The power of Analytics is rapidly changing the business landscape, I am excited to use the skills I am learning at Notre Dame to play a part in this resurfacing.”



Matt Schutt

Chief Communication Officer, Matthew Schutt

Prior to coming to Notre Dame for his MBA/MSBA, Matt worked for GEICO where he optimized computer underwriting models to determine the risk and price of potential customers. Matt hope to continue making progress on his public speaking skills, while also exploring different data modeling techniques at Notre Dame. Matt enjoys participating in casually competitive board game nights and soaking in as much random sports knowledge as possible.

"Companies have more data than they know what to do with and I believe the BA club can help mold Mendoza students into managers who can harness data into actionable business strategies."


Wang Xian Susan 2

Chief Marketing Officer, Susan Wang

Prior to coming to Notre Dame for her MBA/MSBA, Susan worked for Chinese technology company Alibaba Group, where she produced multimedia content for its English news website Alizila.com. A storyteller by nature, Susan is currently taking a variety of coding courses to sharpen her quantitative skills. She hopes to leverage her creative and analytical strengths to help company drive product and customer-experience innovation. In her spare time, she is a mobile karaoke singer, sports fan, and travel blogger.

 "I am excited about drawing insights from data, making decision, and solving business problems eventually. I want to empower more MBA students to grow a data-driven mindset and relevant skill set!" 


Grotan Michael 1

Chief Financial Officer, Michael Grotan

Prior to coming to Notre Dame, Mike worked as a Senior Internal Consultant for OHCAL Foods, Inc., the Development Agent for the Subway brand for Los Angeles County. After spending 3 years managing teams, Mike made his way to South Bend, Indiana to improve his knowledge of finance and learn the ropes of business analytics.

"I strongly believe in the power of data and the value being able to manipulate it and gather insights brings to MBAs. I want to ingrain this concept on future classes."



Chief Technology Officer, Siddartha Kamepall