Healthcare and Biotechnology Club

Ask More of Healthcare

Innovative treatments. Genetic engineering. Bionic technology.

We are excited to re-introduce the Healthcare and Biotechnology Club (HBC). In years past, Mendoza offered an opportunity for a graduate business candidate to explore the Healthcare and Biotech industries; however, in the past few years, the program fell through the cracks. This year, we are working to rebuild the HBC and offer great opportunities for graduate students to seek insight and opportunities within the Healthcare industry. 

As we rebuild, we'd like to keep you up to speed on immediate and future opportunities to get involved. Our goal this year is to provide you with opportunities to learn more about these industries and help identify exciting areas of interest for future careers. 

Here at Mendoza, we graduate business students Ask More of Business; it's time that we begin to Ask More of Healthcare. Please join us as we reintegrate the Healthcare and Biotech Club into our culture here at Notre Dame. 

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