Notre Dame MBA Consulting Club

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Welcome to the home page for Mendoza’s MBA Consulting Club.

The MBA Consulting club is dedicated to educating its members about the consulting industry, preparing them to succeed as they begin their careers and ensuring they have the tools to learn, grow and assume leadership roles.

It’s an exciting time for MBA candidates at Notre Dame. The Mendoza College of Business is committed to earning international recognition for producing top tier business leaders. The MBA Consulting club shares this commitment to excellence and is at the forefront of Notre Dame’s efforts to produce standout consulting professionals. Our membership continues to grow as more of our students consider consulting their top career choice every day, and it’s easy to see why.

The MBA consulting club hosts guests and speakers in the industry so our students learn first-hand about the opportunities and challenges a consulting career offers. The club also offers weekly case study practice to develop our members ability to think outside the box but in a structured manner. Finally, and most importantly, our graduates are providing value to the World’s successful companies. For more information, navigate to the panel on the left to explore various pages relating to the Consulting club.

Vision Statement

The University of Notre Dame MBA Consulting Club aims to further the reputation of Mendoza College of Business as a talent pipeline for consulting firms.

Mission Statement

The University of Notre Dame MBA Consulting Club will provide a comprehensive portfolio of programs and resources to support Mendoza MBA students in their preparation for successful careers in the consulting industry.