MBA Real Estate Club


Welcome to the home page for Mendoza’s MBA Real Estate Club

The MBA Real Estate Club is dedicated to furthering real estate's presence within Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and promoting our students and alumni. The MBA Real Estate Club provides students opportunities to learn about the global real estate industry, interact with prospective employers, provide industry-grade training, and network with peers, faculty, and real estate professionals.    

The club’s vision is to be the premier recruiting resource for firms seeking the best and brightest MBA students that are interested in real estate professions as well as help students who want to pursue their own real estate investments succeed. Fundamentally, the organization desires to spread knowledge and excitement about the many different practice areas in the real estate industry by providing the opportunity for members to attend guest speaker events, city treks, firm visits, networking events, and interview preparation events.

The MBA Real Estate Club regularly hosts guests and speakers from the industry to provide our students with a detailed look at the opportunities in real estate. Notre Dame’s strong network and sense of community gives our members access to top level industry professionals that cannot be matched!

Feel free to reach out to our leadership committee to learn more.